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Saint Louis Art Fair

2016 Mixed Media Artists

Rick Abrams

DeLand, FL

Booth #616

Most of my art is created with acrylic paint that I apply by hand, using rollers, air brush or sponge, on the reverse side of clear acrylic glass using a stencil technique. I then float the painted clear layer over a second painting or digital collage done on a panel of white styrene. This creates a multi-layer effect giving the finished piece a unique juxtaposition of shapes, shadows and colors.

Michael & Christine Adcock

Santa Barbara, CA

Booth #112

Michael and Christine Adcock are a husband/wife collaborative team. Some of their works are vessels formed mainly of hand thrown or hand built saggar fired ceramics, some are mainly coiled and stitched natural plant fiber basketry, but most are a mixed media combination of the two media, utilizing hand gathered natural plant fibers, & hand made papers

Kathrine Allen-Coleman

Jackson, GA

Booth #109

I combine vintage clothing with acrylic paint, hand pulled linocut prints, photography, and stitching to create pieces that sit somewhere between portraiture and surrealism. I tease out stories of childhood and adolescence, focusing on the emotions that make us human. Jealousy, anger, and the impulse to judge are some of my current themes.

Kina Crow

Allison Park, PA

Booth #618

Kina Crow’s art career began in 1968, at the age of six when she drew all over the walls of her home. Sadly, her artistic voice would not be heard again until 2007 moved her from LA the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA where she now creates her artwork.

Leslie Emery

Sun Prairie, WI

Booth #319

Ancient reverse painting techniques using acrylics, collage, various drawing and printmaking techniques on sheets of rigid acrylic and mounted on various sculptural wall forms. My work manifests a personal vocabulary of marks, gestures that encourages freedom in creating and interpreting.

Estella Fransbergen

La Crosse, IN

Booth #210

My work is the expression of the human form entwined with the powers of Nature. I use clay to sculpt the torso using the coil building technique and dress it to represent nature by using branches, feathers and stones. The primitive firing technique brings me back to my South African roots.

Amy Gillespie

Arlington, MA

Booth #408

I create sculptural wall pieces with felt, paint and wood. I have developed this process through years of experimentation and exploration. I love the intense color and texture achieved by wet-felting raw wool and the way it contrasts and compliments wood. I studied fiber and painting and I am a self-taught woodworker.

Aaron Hequembourg

Monticello, GA

Booth #212

Aaron began to produce figurative paintings engraved into wood panels w/o a press. Recently, Aaron salvaged materials from sharecropping houses scattered over a family inherited farm from 1815. The history of the buildings inspired him to research period photography for subject matter resulting in his most successful body of work.

Nicario Jimenez

Naples, FL

Booth #127

Retablos are wooden boxes filled with handmade colored figurines sculpted with hand made colored figurines from a doughy mixture of boiled potato and plaster.

Steve Jones

Wentzville, MO

Booth #405

Childhood memories have shaped the way I render my sculptures, basing the grinning dogs and crooked people on how I remember seeing them in my youth. I hope to preserve ridiculous moments of time while being honest, humorous, and visually appealing.

Seung Lee

Cathedral City, CA

Booth #104

I start with acrylic and/or oil paint on wood panels or canvas for dividing basic color forms for imaging. I develop negative shapes with random brush strokes. Occasionally, I us a collage with preprinted paper and reductive method woodcut prints creating strong contrast and many layers with 3D texture and design.

Michael Madzo

Medora, ND

Booth #115

Cut & layered painted papers are assembled into images & sewn together with colored thread. Words & stories collected from the everyday poetry of form and color, reassembled into imagery to evoke an original presence that lies just beyond the reach of the perceived environment.

Joyce McCown

University City, MO

Booth #413

Joyce McCown, a recent grad (2014) from St. Louis w/ a BFA in Printmaking, began MoonShadow Press, a one-woman fine art studio. Her current work uses embroidery and photography by hand stitching marks and lines to create drawings on her photographs taken w/ her DSLR or iPhone camera. She received the "2015 Emerging Artist Award" at the St. Louis Art Fair.

James Nemnich

Indialantic, FL

Booth #116

My work is a reflection of the world around us. I want my pieces to communicate an ambient impression through the use of color, movement and rhythm. I layer oil pastels, oil pencil, dry pastels, oils, oil sticks, acrylics and graphite on cotton paper to achieve my images.

Gena Ollendieck

Cresco, IA

Booth #108

I create functional hand bound leather mixed media books/book assemblages/wall assemblages using altered and manipulated found objects. First, I create a background collage surface (on a books’ cover surface or on a constructed wall box interior), and then I embellish, stamp, and manipulate reclaimed objects into multi layers building up from the collage surface.

Tiffany Ownbey

Rutherfordton, NC

Booth #234

Using paper-mâché I make figurative sculpture and collage out of antique sewing patterns, vintage books and re-purposed objects. My work is a study of human interactions, relationships and memories...sometimes humorous and sometimes tart. Scale and proportion are intentionally manipulated for emphasis.

Anthony Pack

Overland Park, KS

Booth #225

Anthony Pack, a full time artist trained in illustration, creates 2D & 3D mixed media by hand, entirely of re-purposed, recycled material. Anthony combs antique stores, thrift shops and estate sales to find vintage items that will become his work. Anthony has refined his current work over the last 18 years while travelling and raising a family.

Brad & Sundie Ruppert

Norwalk, IA

Booth #322

Sculptural felt. We are innovatively preserving the fabric of Americana one piece at a time. Rescued felt hat trimmings are cut, bent & nailed to a wood form creating relief & texture. Combined with reclaimed metal & wood backgrounds aged by time.

Marian Steen

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #100

I begin my abstract paintings with a brush loaded with watercolor & apply it onto wet paper. I then pour & drip & scrape & utilize all the capriciousness of that media. Then comes the cerebral part. For contrast I apply opaque acrylic paint & textures using crayons, pencils & collage pieces.

Betsy Youngquist

Rockford, IL

Booth #316

The juxtaposition of beads with unorthodox materials has lead me into the world of mosaics. Eyes are often the creative starting point with my mosaics. In needing to meet a creature through the eyes, I start to understand what each character wants to become.

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