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2018 Fiber Artists

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Steve Edgar

Tallahassee, FL

Booth #312
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Each piece is created on my bench using techniques and materials created over 40 years in the trade. My specialties include heirloom doctor bags with antique frames from the turn of the century incorporated into original one of a kind grips.

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Diane Harty

Frisco, CO

Booth #236
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I stitch each hat myself starting with simply a strand of straw braid. I create shapes using tension with my hands as I stitch. This free form shaping allows me to approach each piece as a unique sculpture.

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Daiga Henson

East Windsor, NJ

Booth #500
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One of a kind wearable art coats and jackets, made from natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, silk and linen. I employ a collage technique of piecing together a variety of patterns, colors, and textures into wearable art.

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Selma Karaca

Beacon, NY

Booth #630

Contemporary Women wearable art pieces, made with one long fabric ribbon that I cut in bias and sew it together to create spiral dresses, Tops and Tunics as well as skirt. They are very flattering on every woman and comfortable and easy to travel .

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Hetty Metzger and Norman Metzger

Cedar Park, TX

Booth #404
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We create our work using one or more of four primary techniques: The construction of three dimensional paper boxes, the weaving of hand-cut paper fringe, the edge layering of crinkled paper, and the layering of paper pieces.

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Shawn Thomas

Belton, TX

Booth #323
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Wow, I love leather. I love its touch, I love its smell, and I love its natural ability to be shaped into beautiful, functional objects. I'm a second generation leathersmith and I use the oldest and newest of leather working techniques.

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Marzena Weber

Algonquin, IL

Booth #218
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Marzena Weber is a graduate of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She has studied both fashion design and graphic design. She creates one of a kind felted wearable accessories such as scarves and shawls with emphasis on color and texture.

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Flora Zarate

Naples, FL

Booth #108

The arpilleras (patchwork) are hand-sewn three-dimensional fabric collages.

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