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2016 Drawing and PastelsArtists

Ellie Ali

New York, NY

Booth #321

I paint exclusively on paper. I call paper my "co-conspirator". Using acrylics, Chinese ink, oil stick and wax, I only paint people. They speak, I listen.

Will Armstrong

Richmond, VA

Booth #233

Will Armstrong's drawings tell stories from his experiences on the road. His work is the soundtrack to that road trip. The lines of the road have become indistinguishable from the lines of the pen. He uses pencil, ink and acrylic over a collage over a collage of vintage maps and sheet music.

Jeffrey Cannon

Austin, TX

Booth #416

Landscape painting is an evocative and potent forum for examining the mysteries of Nature. I observe, dream, draw and travel to anchor the feelings that guide my process. I blend soft pastels, often handmade, to create a richness that resists aging, and ensures details and color harmonies.

Jeff Condon

Grand Rapids, MI

Booth #313
Facebook: Jeff Condon Art

My paintings and drawings take the visual land the surrounds us, the land we see while we drive or what we remember from our past and re-interpert it. I make it about color, pattern, and texture. Not too concerned that trees and barns are green and red, but that they form a visual pattern and create joy in the painting.

Gary Gackstatter

Kirkwood, MO

Booth #636

Drawing with a crow-quill pen and ink speaks of another time, a slower time, an escape from the ever-clattering noise of the world we live in. The drawings are composed of lines, layered in depth and meaning to express the subject and what it wants to say to us.

Ronna Katz

Albuquerque, NM

Booth #637

A full time artist, she draws inspiration and palette from the subtle colors of the southwest landscape. Her paintings reflect a fascination with nature and organic forms, as well as exploring the abstraction of these subjects. Her technique is pastel applied in multiple layers over black linen or sanded ground.

Clare Malloy

Chicago, IL

Booth #216

My goal is to create atmospheric and enigmatic landscape images with strong abstract qualities. Using pastels on heavyweight paper creates a unique landscape. Colors mix directly on a borderless surface while the fibrous paper gives a palpable quality similar to a rural environment.

R. Michael Wommack

Langhorne, PA

Booth #221

This series, now in its 8th year, is based on the artist’s personal experience growing up in Levittown in the 60’s. Initially triggered by a dream of swimming in pools at night, these pastels have become an interpretation of how we live in the suburbs, and an attempt to find beauty in what we consider ugly.

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