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2013 Artists

Susan Anderson

markesan, WI
Booth #408
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An obsessive love of clay has led me to devote my life to pottery. It suited me and allowed me to work at both physically demanding and creatively stimulating media. I honed my skills making functional pots inspired by folk pottery. Perfecting new methods of moving the clay is a focus of my work. My present work is a “Growth Series” leading me to a more artistic approach.


Mike Bose

Bedford, IA
Booth #130
Artist Website

My old school raku forms reflect interests in archaelogy and paleontology. The timeless nature of my ceramics has been allowed to follow an evolution of its own path. I’ve exhibited and sold my work at quality art fairs throughout the U.S. since the 1980s.


Robert Briscoe

Harris, MN
Booth #614
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Lives and works in rural Minnesota, where he has made stoneware functional pottery for over 45 years. His pots are loosely made to impart an organic and fresh aesthetic. Wood ash glazes over colored slips are employed for the surfaces.


Fong Choo

Louisville, KY
Booth #621
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Patrick Dragon

Marquette, MI
Booth #506
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Dragon’s vessel’s basic sculptural elements impose few imaginative limits. Earthenware vessels are carved, hammered and manipulated to create shapes and patterns that contrast with their smooth interiors. Many are burnished with fine particles of decanted subtly colored clay. Their interiors are glazed, creating contrasting colors and textures.


Paul Eshelman

Elizabeth, IL
Booth #518
Artist Website

Paul Eshelman’s clay vessels order and dignify human life. Clarity is given to his simple forms by contrasting glazed and unglazed surfaces. Pure clean glazes and red clay body render elegant presentation of food and drink.


Jennifer Falter

Springfield, MO
Booth #200
Artist Website

My sgraffito designs are a collection of my favorite patterns, images, memories, or stories. The subjects I prefer have two volumes: quiet, nature inspired imagery or whimsical, light-hearted, narrative pictorials. Enveloping my pots in this detailed imagery creates a marriage of surface and form.


Nathan Falter

Springfield, MO
Booth #201
Artist Website

My work takes inspiration from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution--a time when things were mass produced but not fully mechanized.  A moment when man was just beginning to master machine. These pieces embody the quirky nature of discovery and reflect a desire to revisit the past.


Delores Fortuna

Galena, IL
Booth #310
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Function between thought and object becomes a fascinating life-long dynamic, as I work with clays in porcelain and glass fusion surfaces. My work uses basic wheel thrown shapes as starting points. The clays and glazes I use are fired to stoneware temperatures (2374° F), which are food safe, microwave and dishwashing stable.



Michael Frasca

Harrodsburg, KY
Booth #309
Artist Website

My work is stoneware with wood ash glazes. I alter classic forms in pursuit of a dynamic territory.


Nancy Gardner and Burton Isenstein

Oak Park, IL
Booth #602
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Richard Gruchalla and Carrin Rosetti

Duluth, MN
Booth #116
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Contemporary “American” RAKU-Wheelthrown & handbuilt clay vessels & tiles. Pieces are burnished & carved then carefully glazed using techniques such as hand brushing, airbrushing, & pouring methods. Husband/wife collaboration. Copper wire embellishment on each piece.



Michael Hamlin-Smith

Charlotte, NC
Booth #633
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Dustin Harris

Fairborn, OH
Booth #636
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John Herbon

Saint Ignace, MI
Booth #237
Artist Website

A native of Southern California, John has been making pottery since the early 70’s. He has made Michigan’s upper peninsula his home for the past 20 years. His appreciation of the early craftsman style, with its Japanese influence, has been an inspiration in his work. His goal is to create pottery that will be timeless in its appeal for generations to enjoy.


William Kidd

Miramar, FL
Booth #405
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George Lowe

Decorah, IA
Booth #626
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Jenny Mendes

Chesterland, OH
Booth #603
Artist Website

Mendes sculpts with red earthenware clay overlaid with a decorative narrative using colored clay slips. Jenny makes objects that people can hold intimately in the hand. Her fingermarks in the fired clay become connection to hands that feel her sense of touch, and wonder. Of local interest, Jenny earned a BFA at Washington U. in St. Louis.


Andy Rogers

Maryville, MO
Booth #420
Artist Website

Each piece is an individual expression of the uniqueness that I find in naturally occurring objects. I work to embody the subtle delights of details that can only be seen through intense investigation of the piece. The most important question for me is: What can my own mind create to instill curiosity about our natural world for others?


Michael Schwegmann

Champaign, IL
Booth #220
Artist Website

Michael creates ceramic sculptures of familiar objects such as hand tools, buckets, paint cans, and industrial components. These sculptures represent ideas such as “labor“, “creativity”, and “dad“. The familiarity of these sculptures often engages the intellect and emotion in unexpected ways.


Carol Snyder

Columbus, OH
Booth #632
Artist Website

Wheel thrown, hand carved, high fired porcelain. Translucency compels me to consider how light will convey patterns and textures. My influence is nature and landscape–the patterning that occurs within it along with its sense of quiet and balance.


Justin Teilhet

Yellow Springs, OH
Booth #404
Artist Website

My latest body of work is an attempt to join simplicity with a dynamic element. I have always been intrigued by the simple. I find it to be infinitely complex. In simplicity there is no place to hide. It brings a sense of tranquility, which seeks perfection. My challenge is to serve the composition, as much as the element.