2014 Artists

Larry Allen

Leeds, AL
Booth #222
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Barry Bernstein

Marquette, MI
Booth #613
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Mike Bose

Bedford, IA
Booth #416
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My old school raku forms reflect interests in archaeology and paleontology. The timeless nature of my ceramics has followed an evolution of its own. I’ve exhibited and sold my work at quality art fairs throughout the US since the 1980s.


Nick DeVires

Minneapolis, MN
Booth #531
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Nick worked as a production potter, taught at Edina Art Center and Northern Clay Center; later pursued his studio ceramic work. His art is founded in functional forms adhering to smooth lines, strong curves, and balanced forms.


Paul Eshelman

Elizabeth, IL
Booth #504
Artist Website

My clay vessels order and dignify human life. The materiality of clay and glaze are emphasized by lack of applied surface decoration and ornamentation. I actively utilize geometry in my slip cast forms.



Jennifer Falter

Springfield, MO
Booth #626
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I strive to make pots that others will enjoy using. My craft as a potter allows me to both create and embellish. The potter’s wheel is my chosen tool for creating clean, classic, and uncomplicated porcelain vessels dressed in intricate pattern.


Nathan Falter

Springfield, MO
Booth #627
Artist Website

I grew up making things. My dad was a carpenter and together we rebuilt homes. Eventually, clay became my passion. My constant challenge is looking for the balance between the process and materials. My ultimate desire is to create a poetic moment.


Richard Gruchalla & Carrin Rosetti

Duluth, MN
Booth #118
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Contemporary “American” RAKU-Wheel thrown & hand built clay vessels & tiles. Pieces are burnished & carved then carefully glazed using techniques such as hand brushing, airbrushing, & pouring methods. Husband/wife collaboration.


William Kidd

Miramar, FL
Booth #405
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Jenny Mendes & Mark Roegner

Chesterland, OH
Booth #605
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Working both as object maker and surface designer I seek to discover a universal expression of something mysterious and energetic. My best work is like a secret that I’ve only just discovered, a place of awe I attain through daily work.


Gregg Rasmusson

St. Louis, MO
Booth #522
Artist Website

Gregg Rasmusson creates handmade art pottery by carving intricate geometric designs in his work. He is influenced by Scandinavian and Asian ceramics, as well as mid century modern design, which give his work a retro feel with a contemporary look.


Michael Shwegmann

Champaign, IL
Booth #311
Artist Website

Michael creates ceramic representations of familiar objects. His sculptures are memories of labor, tools, and people seen through a filter. He combines these memories to engage intellect and emotion in unexpected ways.


Jo Severson

Clearwater, MN
Booth #305
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I love to make pots. I find inspiration in the fact that my pots will be put to use in the simple traditions of everyday living, such as setting the table, sharing meals with friends, arranging flowers in a vase.


Yael Shomroni

St. Louis, MO
Booth #102
Artist Website

My work is about form, function and color. It is wheel-thrown stoneware that I alter and assemble. It is then glazed and fired multiple times to 2200ºF. I’m influenced by my Mediterranean heritage and my love for nature, gardening and cooking.



Kaiser Suidan

Ferndale, MI
Booth #206
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Will Swanson

Harris, MN
Booth #111
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I work in durable stoneware creating dinnerware, serving pieces, baking dishes, and other useful pots for the kitchen and table. In all my work I want the character of these earth materials and the hand-making process to be evident.


Justin Teilhet

Yellow Springs, OH
Booth #404
Artist Website

My latest body of work is an attempt to join simplicity with a dynamic element. I have always been intrigued by the simple. I find it to be infinitely complex. In simplicity there is no hiding. It brings a sense of tranquility which seeks perfection.


Jonathan White

South Portland, ME
Booth #635
Artist Website

I create sculptural vessels and structures inspired by nature and industry. I hand-build and throw earthenware and translucent porcelain. I illuminate my porcelain sculptures to show the structures underneath.